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The minimum age to run 5K Foam Fest 2017 is 8 Years of age.

Anyone under the age of 13 will have to run with an adult chaperone.

No matter what level of runner you are, we want to ensure that you make the race whatever you want by having the option to Walk it, Run it, Charge it or Fun it! With well spread out heats/wave times this allows for a straight shot of 5K with 22-24 obstacles and low wait times.

With that being said, we’ve had runners feel that the course is just as good of a workout as some of the longer and physically demanding races due to less resting time.

We’ve got several activities including our foam pit, inflatable obstacle course, and bounce house.

We even have activities for the kids at heart, check out our Skyfall attraction (25’ drop onto an airbag/stunt bag)!

A few ads have been contested by certain people claiming muddled up information against them and wanting to know the source of their opponents’ information.

New bloods have been warming up with zest and zeal, vigor and vitality to get to the U.

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We strive for a fun for all ages, abilities and family friendly event and yes, you can still get a beer and have a good time while your kids play in the super fun festival area setup for them with inflatables, music and more!

The Ministry of Information should as well try to refocus and redirect the minds of electorates towards voting on issues and not on the big R’s.

Nigerian electorates should stop voting for thugs, thieves, fraudsters and politicians who have not been able to deliver.

Let’s be realistic anyway, how could running through a non-stop 5K course of mud, foam and obstacles not be a workout.

Also, don’t forget we have 3 of the World’s largest inflatable waterslides!Your team can be as big as you want (the more the merrier) BUT remember, the only way to make sure you all get to run at the same time is to register early and in the same wave time, so don’t wait!