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28-Aug-2018 13:55

Says Reality Steve, “They’ll never cast 18 to 20 of the girls to be 30 or older. Outside of Ben last year who was 26, the bachelors have always been older and women have been younger.”Contestants must commit two months to the show, even though the majority won’t last more than a week or two.“There was a guy on my season who had quit his job to be on the show and then got sent home the first night,” says the former contestant.

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There are one-on-one dates where no one eats, two-on-one dates where contestants go head-to-head (oftentimes very awkwardly), group dates that typically involve some sort of comical physical challenge and “hometown” dates wherein the bachelor meets the families of the women he’s courting.

In some parts of Germany, for instance, men who were still unmarried by their 30th birthday were made to sweep the stairs of the town hall until kissed by a "virgin".

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You’re from a small town in the middle of nowhere and overnight you turn into the local celebrity. For a lot of people that excitement is so unlike anything they’ve ever experienced in their lives.

They latch on and try to keep it going for as long as possible.” Hence power-watcher and perennial spoiler-publisher Reality Steve, the show’s “casting year-round. They have talent scouts out at bars in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles.

Also in the Victorian era, the term "confirmed bachelor" denoted a man who was resolute to remain unmarried.

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