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Dot reveals that she wanted to be closer to her father so that she wouldn't be alone after her mother's death.

When the girls return home, Olivia has turned herself into the police and claims that she, not Dot, had killed Paul in order to protect her daughter Nina and atone for allowing the abuse.

As Dot begins to play "Moonlight Sonata" downstairs, Paul confronts Nina about her lie.

Nina tries to explain, but Paul, distressed that his daughter wants to leave him, begins to physically abuse her. Dot recognizes what is going on upstairs, stops playing piano (although the sonata plays on) and heads upstairs.

The film ends on a philosophical note as the two girls play piano together, freed from their respective fathers.

After appearing in The Girl Next Door, Cuthbert wanted to "not just ...

At times, Mullen and Babbit overdo the murk." SFStation argued that Babbit effectively exaggerated the limitations of the budget and using HD video: "the video artifacts, lighting, night-time shooting, and sparse sets end up creating an oneiric, fairy-tale quality that helps to balances out the undercurrent of violence that permeates the characters’ actions." The film was released on DVD on February 13, 2007, with special features including “Fetal Pig, Fetal Pig, Let Me In”, a featurette on the dissection scene, “On Location: Shooting in Austin”, “Sans Celluloid: The Quiet and the Digital Camera", a script development featurette, and cast selection.

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For reasons of her own, Nina still pretends that Dot cannot tell anyone and confides in Dot about her plan to murder her father.

The music finally stops when Dot uses a piano wire to strangle Paul to death, screaming at him to leave Nina alone.

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Still a psycho, but you gave him more personality~this story is so exciting. I love your portrayal of Ramsay and I love, love, LOVE the Reader! This fic is crazy good, I love stories that have an actual plot and not just random smut, and your incorporation of both is great.… continue reading »

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