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Then, when the hand of the king dies, and Robert Baratheon rides north to Winterfell, Jon knows the dream didn't mean nothing.

Ones that seem to almost warn him of events to come.

Those are just dreams, wild imaginations that bloom at night, when you have the time to think on them.”“No!

” Edwyna shouts, startling the laughter from Lady Starks’ face as quickly as it formed, “No, these are real.”--Lady Lyarra Stark prays to the Gods for an answer to her husbands foolish southern ambitions, and gets more than she bargained for.

All she knows is that she wants the dreams to stop so she can sleep and play with her brother Brandon in peace.

After Eddard Stark was overthrown as Lord of Winterfell, all his children were believed to be dead.

As does the suspicion that something dark is growing in the capital.

So instead of going to the wall with his uncle, he follows his father south, and hopes to change the things he's seen would happen there.

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Their mission seems simple enough- but with an old curse following them, and love building in unexpected places, things are never as straightforward as they seem...

They are raising the Prince That Was Promised after all ... There was a moment of silence as the little girl gathered her thoughts. A place with towers of steel and flying metal boats.

Of fires that never go out, of people so rich they throw out mountains of food and still grow so fat they can hardly move—”“Oh,” Her mother sighs a laugh, interrupting her, “Wynnie, those are not like the True dreams.

Still a psycho, but you gave him more personality~this story is so exciting. I love your portrayal of Ramsay and I love, love, LOVE the Reader! This fic is crazy good, I love stories that have an actual plot and not just random smut, and your incorporation of both is great.

I love Ramsay's and Y/n's relationship,~Obsessed with this story! And your way of writing Ramsay is really interesting too, so many people make him over-the-top psycho or give him an ooc redemption arc.^^I love you guys! Demoralised and traumatised following the red wedding, Robb is a virtual prisoner at Riverrun.Thing is, said best friend - Jon Snow - is trying to do the same thing. In the seven days Sansa is home, can they get their acts together and work through their feelings? She escapes the clutches of her husband and flees further North where Jon Snow awaits.