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20-Feb-2018 12:59

I had a chance to win a hundred dollars at the competition, so I couldn’t just turn around and go home!

I threw my underwear into my glove compartment and ran into the (thankfully) single-stall bathroom at the club and began washing my legs and my dress. If you’ve ever done something as embarrassing as this, you might like to commiserate with other people.

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It won't really help smelly feet that much, but it's still worth knowing about!

When I saw this Reddit thread asking for tips on how to keep your feet from smelling in the spring and summer, I was like, “YASSS,” and then I was like, “I need to share this with Gurl.” As Reddit user spotpig says, “Now is the time of year ballet flats and cute shows that look awful with socks come into season.” I don’t think I need to remind you that flats with no socks are basically a recipe for smelly feet.

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