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Evidence of this includes his fight with Andrew St.

John, in which he successfully managed to incapacitate him (either by beating him until he could no longer fight back or by kicking him into the electric fence after being pinned) despite initially being restrained by the larger man.

Lee felt neglected by his family after he killed a state senator who had an affair with his wife, severely hurting his relationship with his family.

Later on, Lee finds out that he's lost his entire family, and takes it upon himself to kill his own reanimated brother, mortified at the loss of his family despite the walls that had come between them.

In addition to protecting Clementine, Lee also ensured that she would be able to protect herself without him by cutting her hair and teaching her how to use a pistol.

He could also disable a walker with just two punches to the face when helping Kenny rescue his son.

He didn't always have such success, however, since he was thrown to the floor by Kenny in the meat locker, overpowered by Danny St.

Lee even managed to lift a door frame that collapsed on him with or without Kenny's help, despite several walkers being on top of it and trying to claw at him around it.

He could also throw one off of him despite his leg being injured, pushed a zombie into a rebar by only striking its head with a rifle, throw another to the floor when it tried to attack Clementine and shove off two walkers while trying to push through the herd after biting him.When strong armed by Andy, Lee was able to force him off and knock him to the ground.

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