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the tilt angles of the orbital planes of more than 600 objects in the Kuiper belt.They found that KBOs beyond 50 AU from Neptune had their inclination warped, which calculations suggest must be caused by an object around the size of Mars.'It's not what we expect if the only planets in our solar system are those we know of,' Dr Volk told New Scientist.YAK -----Yakovlev (Russian aircraft design bureau) YAL -----Yemeni American League YAM -----Yet Another Mistake YAN -----Yes And No YAO -----Youth Action Online YAP -----Yet Another Platform YAQ -----Yet Another Question YAR -----Young Adult Representative YAS -----Youth After School YAT -----Youth Asociation Team YAU -----Youth Affairs Unit YAV -----Yuppie Assault Vehicle YAW -----You're A W****r YAX -----Young Adult Smoker YAY -----Yet Another YACC (YACC=Yet Another Compiler Compiler) YAZ -----Carl YAstr Zemski (baseball player) YBA -----Young Buddhist Association YBB -----You've Been Beaten YBC -----yttrium-barium-copper YBD -----You Back Down YBE -----Yearly Basic Exemption YBF -----You've Been Framed YBG -----Youth Baseball Glove YBH -----You've Been Had YBI -----Youth Business International YBJ -----Youth Bowl Japan YBK -----Why Be Killed?

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This, they suggest, means that the gravitational pull of a large mass - possibly a new planet - is pulling on them.'The most likely explanation for our results is that there is some unseen mass,' said Dr Kathryn Volk, a postdoctoral fellow at Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory and the lead author of the study.'According to our calculations, something as massive as Mars would be needed to cause the warp that we measured.'The Kuiper belt is an icy, halo-like region that extends outwards from Neptune to a distance around 55 times further from the sun than Earth is, or 55 AU.The hardest thing was putting all her stuff away.'Following her baby girl's funeral, Ms Kuiper kept her ashes in her room and says she cannot imagine letting them go.