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candy bar prices candy butchers candy packaging colonial confectioners colonial chocolate makers early American candy(Colonial-1850s) modern American candy(1860s-1920s) Candy catalog (1949) conversation hearts cotton candy divinity dolly mixtures dragees Easter candy fondant fruit leather fudge Gibraltar rock Halloween candy halva horehound candy icing & frosting jelly, jams & preserves jelly beans While we Americans tend to think of candy in terms of supermarket and convenience stores displays, this sweet culinary family offers a much broader and complicated lineage.

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A significant moment in candy history occured at the 1851 Great Exhibition in London, where "French-style" candies with rich cream centers were first displayed...

The ancient Egyptians preserved nuts and fruits with honey, and by the Middle Ages physicians had learned how to mask the bad taste of their medicines with sweetness, a practice still widespread.

Boiled "sugar plums were known in the seventeenth-century England and soon were to appear in the American colonies where maple-syrup candy was popular in the North and benne-seed [sesame seed] confections were just as tempting in the South.

Indeed, the first candies were sugar coated nuts, seeds and fruits.

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Jujubes, licorice and marshmallows are a prime examples of ancient medicine becoming modern candy.But it was the discovery of milk chocolate in Switzerland in 1875 that made the American candy bar such a phenomenon of the late nineteenth century." ---Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, John F. 54-5) [NOTE: This source has much more information than can be paraphrased. It also contains separate entries for specific types of candies.] Recommended reading The general concensus of newspaper articles and Web sites place the origin of "sponge candy" in upstate New York. We find much information about the current product but scant details regarding the history of the recipe.

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