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14-Sep-2017 07:10

After being hounded by messages from rejected matches, she eventually separated the two accounts.

Even more creepily, this practice rarely seems to stop at Instagram, veering into some serious stalker tendencies.

Vix ended up receiving emails from one particularly thirsty reject, in a remarkably gross invasion of privacy. Tinder gives you the freedom to not match with people who don’t interest you. By emailing me you are encroaching on that right, being a creep and invading my personal space.”‘ Remarkably, but perhaps unsurprisingly, even that didn’t put this guy off: ‘He responded that he thought if I just got to know him, I’d see we are a great match.

‘The man in question had looked at my linked Instagram profile, followed me on Twitter AND then got my email address,’ she tells uk. I told him to never think he was entitled to time or space from a woman just because he thought like that.’ Vix’s thoughts are echoed by another comms executive, who asked remain nameless.

’ suggests another victim of online harrassment, ‘or at least come out and say “yeah guys, that’s creepy – don’t do it”.’ Really, though, the impetus lies with the Tindstagrammers themselves to realise how creepy their actions are.

Tinder’s a great tool – it’s made dating a more flexible and fun experience, sitting better in the pace of modern life.

A number of Tinder users have shared recent stories of men using the feature to hunt down prospective dates on the photo-sharing site, removing the act of Tindering from the app of Tinder altogether.

So far, so odd, but it gets worse – plenty of blokes are also using Instagram as a way to hunt down women who’ve rejected their advances, and sliding into those DMs for an uninvited second shot.

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