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Archaeologists know that the Celts wore fine jewellery of gold and silver and took great care about their appearances in other ways, too.Historian Jonathan said: “There’s some evidence that the Celts were very interested in personal grooming and began to import objects from across the Channel such as tweezers to pull the hair out of their nostrils.

The mystics were like a super-class of top Celts — mainly teachers, lawyers and doctors, known as “wise men” who probably had a legal role in sorting out tribal disputes.

In his writings, Julius Caesar depicts them as a terrifying group who sacrificed humans by burning them to death in wicker effigies.

They are also thought to have had orgies — which are also depicted in the show.

Episodes are also live through this method and can be watched back once the episode has finished.

Don't expect the first few episodes to leak early this year, as HBO has been extremely tight with screeners, but there is always the possibility of slip-ups later in the series, like with last year's HBO Nordic blunder.Sky Atlantic drama Britannia stars David Morrissey as a Roman general, Zoe Wanamaker as a Celtic queen and Mackenzie Crook as a powerful Druid.