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A selection of images covering in acrylic paintings, ink drawings from when I was thirteen, some odd bits of photoshopping and a Mc Gann title sequence which The Mill clearly borrowed ideas from me for their new series titles!Eight months in the making - although mostly on 'the back burner' this was an idea I had after rendering a Dalek Supreme in a corridor.Another has a flat cap pulled over his face as he leans back in his chair while a woman works away in the background.Two men were pictured slumped in their chairs fast asleep and another used his desk as a pillow for forty winks.What if 'Planet of the Daleks' had been made in the 21st century for the big screen?Here is my movie trailer for this epic story featuring New Series Daleks and a space ship which isn't made from reflective cardboard.Here's the full collection of Dalek variants I've been tinkering around with since I first started modelling Daleks in 3D in 2004.The library now contains everything from the Dalek Supreme to the AARU Film Daleks.

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BBC News cuts to the news desk and fella is asleep on the desk and jumps up in shock!'Viewers and licence payers will be shocked by the wastage.'The source claimed they saw someone asleep at their desks every night and despite workers on the night shift getting an hour and a half for a break, some still abused the system.They said some of those sleeping on the job were seasoned journalists who have been at the corporation for decades and added: 'I'm not for privatisation usually but the BBC needs it.I've done lots of features about Daleks and Cybermen for the DWFC Magazine and stuff for Doctor Who Magazine including three covers.

I also do 3D sculpts for figurines which I'm rather proud of.The BBC responded earlier today and a spokesman said: 'This is a misleading story about people working a long night shift.

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