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And so what "The Undefeated" is, is a functional but forgettable western With the civil war over ex-Union Colonel John Henry Thomas (John Wayne - True Grit) and the men who have followed him for years enter the horse business looking to round up wild horses to sell to the army.

But when the army try to swindle them out of money they sell the horses to a couple of Mexicans and agree to take them south of the border for them.

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But that potential is ignored in favour of keeping things very simple and so rather than being a story driven by some creative scenes we get one standard scene and idea after another.

It's all a shame and whilst watching some old fashioned action where Thomas and Langdon lead men into battle with some rebels is entertaining it's no different to anything we've seen before.

And in away that is one of my major criticisms of "The Undefeated" because the middle section as it goes back and fourth between Thomas and Langdon is simply repetitive.

Even the back story romances, and there are a couple of them, fail to add anything to make it any different.

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And in the same breadth you know that they will also end up being forced to work together to beat bandits and anyone else who causes them issues which brings some more potential with it.

Everything about it from Mc Laglen direction through to the performances of John Wayne and Rock Hudson.

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