Updating java runtime

05-Feb-2018 10:09

into your address bar, press Enter, and then click the Disable link under the Java plug-in.

To disable Java in Mozilla Firefox, open the Add-ons window from the Firefox menu, select the Plugins category, and click the disable button next to each installed Java plug-in.

If you don’t know whether you need Java, you probably don’t need it.

However, if you aren’t the average person and do need Java, there are some steps you can take to minimize your risk., which allows desktop applications written in Java to run on your computer.

If you do need Java, there are some steps you can take to reduce the security problems you’re exposed to. You can increase the update-check frequency from the Java control panel.

(Open the Windows Control Panel, click Programs, and select Java to open it.) Click the Advanced button on the Update tab and tell Java to check for updates daily.

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However, it gets worse – this security bug was reported to Oracle (Source).

It took four months for Oracle to fix a critical Java problem, and they only did it after it was being exploited in the wild.

Worse yet, Java’s default update setting is to check for updates one a month, so it’s possible that many users weren’t upgraded until weeks later – in fact, it’s likely that many people are still using a vulnerable version of Java.

When a Java icon pops up in your system tray with an available update, install it as soon as possible.

Second, consider using a separate browser when you need Java.Enough is enough — Java has been subject to a constant series of such vulnerabilities.